Excellence of Technology in Refining Conventional Access Checking

Access Control-The Real Concept
It is one of the most advanced security technique with excellent range of features to support full-fletched network of access control. It works with the aid of computer software and suits for variety of levels starting from domestic surrounding to organizations industrial complexes, and many more locations.

Conventional Methods to Control Access
In earlier days when computer software was not developed in the real sense like today, security check was monitored manually. Officers or representatives who were employed specifically for this purpose took the responsibility of inquiring people to accept their access into the campus.

Technical Development in Access Control Systems
Access control obtains a new definition as technology improves. Today it is possible to control functions specific resources as well as overall resources using special software and monitoring systems.

Newer Conceptions of Detecting
The recent innovations made in access control systems have been accepted in several sectors considering the higher level of reliability in interacting. It helps to authenticate only reliable sources into the restricted area in addition to that this method has been designed with creating passwords and other innovative ways of recognising identities to eradicate fraudulent or intruder entry.

Camera and Video Support
When it comes to video monitoring, CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Cameras is the top preference of people today. Retail industry benefits in multiple ways with this technology and it suits best for domestic as well as industrial surveillance requirements as well.

Extraordinary Usage of CCTV
Beginning with traffic monitoring to perimeter security and observing the visual impact of human activity, CCTV Systems has been considered the most advanced and supportive technologies of all.

Perimeter Surveillance and Detection Systems
A dangerous or panic creating situation does not necessarily have to be created by intruder; on the other hand, there are varieties of factors which can be threatening to the inhabitants. Perimeter surveillance and detection systems support for precise detection of external intrusion and reduce unnecessary or irrelevant alarms.

Safety and Emergency Evacuation Management
Managing safety perspectives during emergency requirements and timely evacuation of inhabitants can be achieved only with the assistance of security consultants. Adox Security offers special range of protection services suitable for variety of security requisites and our professionals are trained in accordance with DSX Access Control, concept and are skilled in offering the best management solution for emergency evacuation.

Finger and Eye Recognition-Smart Ways of Restricting Intruder Access
Finger and eye recognition is one of the smart ways of detecting and controlling intruder access. It is achieved with the help of biometric authentication that allows recognizing individuals in terms of matching the biometric data already reserved.

Identification Supportive Products
As far as identification aspects are concerned, Adox Security provides ID card printing service, advertising cards, membership, business purpose, access and many more forms of printed identification products. We make arrangements for secure serve login that would remain cost effective and timely feature for access.

With the technically developed features added to identification and access control systems, it has become possible to obtain secure access in several sectors and prevent from multiple threatening factors.

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