• We are a boutique security company providing quality and value for moneyWe ensure the quality and timelessness of our work
  • We provide systematic training and education of our personnelWe are a team of highly skilled security professionals
  • We provide fixed price quotes and schedules for our standard charges
  • We only perform and charge for work that is carried out
  • Continually exceeding your expectations is an exciting challenge to us
  • When you contact us you will find a real person not a recorded message
  • Our philosophy is to be part of your business
  • Adox Security will provide an immeasurable quality service that will not only satisfy you, but will make you realise how much of an asset to your comp any we are.

Basics Of A Telescope

Buying the right telescope to take your love of astronomy to the next.

Moon Gazing

In the history of modern astronomy, there is probably no one greater.

Glossary Of Stars

It’s hard to say when in our lives each of us become aware of this thing.

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Virginia McCarthy

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Nina Cross

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Nell Allen

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Annie Todd

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Rebecca Martinez

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Maud Rogers

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Mason Wilson

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Our headquarters are based in St Peters 15 min from the Sydney CBD

24/2 Burrows Rd S,

St Peters NSW 2044


(+61) 437 226 673